3 Smart Power Socket OEMs Based in China

3 Smart Power Socket OEMs Based in China


Shenzhen AvatarControls Co., Ltd. is invested in Alexa-enabled device and smart voice-control item tech R&D, including smart plug, and supplies progressive smart voice interaction products and services for the smart home.

Established in September 2015, AvatarControls is a science and technology innovative corporation engaged in internet smart electronic’s independent research and development. At the start, AvatarControls has a senior R&D team composed of abroad returnees, industrial designers, electronic engineers, software engineers and other personnel, and the fundamental team has over 5-years developing expertise in smart voice semantic field.

Our company concentrates on IIPR, right now we have received a bunch of practical and innovative invention patents. A wide range of devices has been available for purchase, including Alexa voice control smart speaker A1, smart gadgets which utilize Alexa( smart wifi plug socket, smart bulb, Aroma humidifier lights et cetera), and standalone voice control product collection. We make an attempt to produce new smart interaction experience, and shape very simple lifestyle through voice control.

Corporation mission: Intelligence makes life simpler!

Reach Out to Us

Shenzhen AVATAR CONTROLS Co., Limited
Address: Unit1002, Satellite Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China 518000
Contact TEL:+86-755-86966292ext. 818
Email: info@avatarcontrols.com
Operation Hrs:
Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Web site: http://www.avatarcontrols.com

Shenzhen Lingan Intelligent Tech Co., Limited

Lingan is a Hi-tech company which is an expert in networking smart electronics (similar to wifi outlet production, smart watch, smart bulb, smart switch, and so on) and engineering. The enterprise has been insisting with the purpose of “Modesty, Low Profile, Proqmatic. Focus” from its establishment, founded on a complete turnkey service system of planning, design, development and marketing sales.

We comply with the ISO9001 Quality Management System for any project of the product R&D, design, production technology, and sales and so forth, provide all-around services for domestic and international people. With the service strategy that High-quality product, High-lever service, High reputation at heart, We attempt to boost our services.

We insist the company belief of “Make life easier”, give attention to building a whole lot of wiser, simpler-to-use, transportable goods. Our products are made to make tens of thousands of homes more pleasant and pleased. To seek prime quality, To make our life better, Lingan Intelligent is focused on cooperating with you to strengthen the residing atmosphere and life quality.

Speak to Us

Contact TEL: +86-755-86665085
Mailbox: service@lingansmart.com
Facsimile: 0755-86665085
Zip Code: 518055
Addr.: Room #1401-2 Baiwang Building, Shahe West Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China

Shenzhen UEMON Technology Co., Limited

UEMON is a high-technology corporation which is targeted on smart systems. The enterprise consistent with people-oriented and mutual benefits, longterm cooperation concept, make use of a practical, resourceful and realistic work type to give our buyers an innovative new, elegant, easy, intelligent, and safe smart home devices and system. Keep updated with the times, comply with the environment, continually exceed, and build a global smart home items supplier business is the aim of our campaigns!

UEMON was founded in the year, the major products encompass smart cameras, custom made smart wifi plug, intelligent switch, intelligent door locks, smart security systems and so on., Our goods have been distributed to overseas with the great quality, aggressive prices and excellent service, the significant export areas are Europe, The United States, the Middle East as well as The African Continent.

We will maintain a qualified and concentrated frame of mind, to supply clients with the top quality goods and services, clients first, quality first, shipping and delivery first!

Your support is our frequent motivation, we’ll get a lot better.

Get in Contact with Us

Shenzhen UEMON Technology Co., Ltd

Tel: +86-755-27316354
Telefax: +86-755-27316354
Email: Sales@uemon-tech.com
Homepage: http://www.uemon-tech.com
Address: D315 Huafeng Office, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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