Acer Liquid Zest 4G professional review – hands on

Acer Liquid Zest 4G professional review – hands on with Acer’s brand-new cheap mobile
We lately go hands on with Acer’s most up-to-date reasonably-priced smart phone, the Liquid Zest 4G

Acer Liquid Zest 4G

Going after on from last year’s cold Jade Z, Acer is now offering a fresh, fruity add-on to its Liquid hand phone line: the Liquid Zest and also Liquid Zest 4G. The 2nd, as the model name recommends, can hold 4G, but actually the 2 mobile handsets are largely the exact same.

They both obtain a 5in, 1,280 by 720 resolution touch screen enveloped in a swish plastic-type back cover, an 8-mega-pixel rear end snapper and a wide-angle 5-mega-pixel face snapper, and both of them function with Android 6.0 . The chief difference is the type of chipset functioning in them. The basic Zest adopts four-core 1.3Gigahertz chip – quite possibly a Snapdragon 210 – however, the Zest 4G offers a 4-core 1.0GHz MediaTek MT6735 chip set.

Surely, the adoption of a MediaTek chipset promptly transfers security bells buzzing. Needless to say, the Liquid Jade Z received a MediaTek chip set, and while it worked much better at CPU-based work, its gaming performance fell somewhat flat. Still, when the Zest 4G will set you back just ¡ê120 (the ordinary Zest is far inexpensive available at ¡ê90), this could practically be accepted – every thing will be revealed right after I have one in for review to check further particulars totally.

On the positive point, however, the 5in . screen appears more inspiring. Very like Apple’s most up-to-date iPad pc tablets, the Liquid Zest doesn’t have an atmosphere room in between touch panel & LCD part, which aids you to lessen on glare and raise readability in bright daylight. Normally, it still picks up a few reflections, naturally, but nonetheless , sunlight legibility is undeniably a upgrading when compared with other cheap mobiles I have assessed.

Regarding the display screen’s over-all performance, I was discontented to that whites got a noticeable green tinge to them, but colours still looked considerably rich and as well punchy, and blacks are visually really dark and deeply even on highest lighting. As just stated, I will have to wait and then discover how it functions in our colorimeter testing just before I am able to appraise its specific value, however , for a budget friendly device, the screen appears as if it may be one of the Zest’s biggest assets.

An extra remarkable feature in the rear side of the Zest 4G is its larger phone speaker. With integrated DTS (Also referred to as Digital Theater System) HD Premium Sound support, the Zest 4G delivers some fairly sturdy audio for such type of cost-effective cellphone. You will still obtain a a lot better listening adventure by pluging a couple of earphones, however , when I tested a video soundtrack , as an example ,, the basses absolutely had a sensible kick to it. Its middle range became slightly skipping, yet it’s unquestionably no worse than your couple of common notebook audio speakers.


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